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Our Mission

I. Comprehensively support employers in resolving labor problems.

II. Offer expert support in managing relations with labor unions.

III. Take legal measures to prevent labor problems.

IV. Provide advice based on the latest laws and practices.

V. Provide information on labor law through our newsletter and this site.

*We cannot advise and consult employees in connection with helping to avoid conflicts of interest.


Japan Employment Lawyers

Employment cases require the help of lawyers with a specialized understanding of the contentious and complex issues that can arise between employees and employers. Kakitsubata Management Law Office has broad experience with all aspects of employment law. We can help improve workplace policies and procedures to avoid potential legal problems, and in the event that such problems arise, we energetically represent employers whether they are plaintiffs or defendants.

Our Practice

Kakitsubata Management Law Office represents employers in matters involving:



    Workers’ compensation

    Advice regarding relations with labor unions

    Workplace bullying and Sexual harassment claims

    Allegations of age and gender discrimination

    Improvement of employment policies and manuals


Our Clients

Kakitsubata Management Law Office’s clients include businesses in a wide array of industries, including logistics, life insurance, trading, manufacturing, education, child care, hospitals, special care nursing homes, taxi companies, temporary staffing companies, video production companies, education and training, and systems engineering, to name a few.


Consulting fee

 (According to the institution scale) General corporate labor law advice JPY50,000 – 100,000 per month

Advice related to labor unions JPY100,000 and up per month

Please inquire by email for information about fees for particular types of cases (e.g. labor cases, labor union cases, contract drafting, etc.).



Please send us an email (or use the contact form) with a brief explanation of your case.

We will respond to schedule an appointment at our office.

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Tel.: 03-3288-4981 (For reservation only. We do NOT offer telephone consultations.)

Fax: 03-3288-4982


Hieikudankita Bld.6F, 4-1-3, Kudankita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0073, Japan

Nearest railway station:Ichigaya station(yurakucyo-line subway)

Approximately 45-50 minutes from Tokyo Haneda Airport by train.